Your ski boots won't hurt much longer!

 No more pressure, no poor circulation, no cramps... Boots specially selected and prepared for your feet by our ski boot specialists. You will be surprised, how much better it works on the slopes! 

You can find our modern ski boot workshop in our shop near the Valisera/Grasjoch Bahn valley station. Junior Chief Samy and Boot Doc Siggi are on hand to advise you on all ski boot-related matters, because boots that fit snugly are a precondition for a good day of skiing. They guarantee warm feet that don’t fall asleep, as well as better control and more riding fun on the slopes. 

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to find the right boots for you amongst the great number of different models. We know them all and can help you: we analyse the length, shape, width and positioning of your feet and find the perfect model for you based on your size, weight and abilities. 
Not enough? Every pair of boots bought from our shop is worked on in our workshop until it fits perfectly. We use special wedges, adjustable inlays and heel stabilisers and IPS plates. We work closely with the firm Sidas, and as of this year we have integrated the Amer Bootfitting Station into the programme.

But please also bring some patience with you. A perfect fit requires some time. We get there step by step to guarantee the optimal shape. In many cases, a few adjustments are enough to achieve the desired result. But sometimes we need you to ride the boots two or three times before we're all happy with the result. Work on your ski boots is always done after your last descent or overnight to make sure that you don't miss out on any valuable time on the mountain.

No heel grip in your boots? Unsatisfied with the shape of your boots? Maybe we can help! 

The options are more limited than for ski boots, but even so, we have some possible solutions at hand and were able to avoid some boot dramas in the past. The bottom line is: you're not on your own. Ask for our snowboard specialist, Samy. As a passionate snowboarder he knows what matters and is known for his creative, unconventional solutions for boot problems. 

In short:

  • Our experienced staff are competent and take the time to listen to you.
  •  We place great value in personalised advice and precise foot analysis.
  • The better the boots are adapted to your individual anatomy, the lighter and better you ride.
  • The adaptation requires sensitivity and experience, but also time - time that you will make up on the slopes through increased comfort.

Make an appointment for a personal consultation at the shop or under Tel. +43 5557 210970 or by e-mail to

We simplify your ski holidays - full comfort with our ski storage!

 Simply store your winter sports equipment in our shop opposite the Valisera/Grasjoch Bahn valley stations - comfortably at ground level.   The next morning, just step into your dry, warm boots and enjoy another wonderful day on the slopes! So that there's nothing in the way of a relaxing evening drink. We keep your equipment safe in special ski, snowboard and boot wagons.

You can use our storage facilities even if you don't rent your equipment from us.

How do I get my storage space?

  1. You will find our storage right by our shop at the Valisera/Grasjoch Bahn valley station in St. Gallenkirch.
  2. Talk to our staff in the shop by the ticket counter.
  3. They will assign a storage space to you. It will be yours for the entirety of your stay.
  4. We will also show you how to stow away your skis and poles or your board and your boots properly.