Sport Harry bike workshop

Painful seat, tense shoulders, squeaky breaks, stubborn frame, heavy gear shift, tyres and tube changes... at Sport Harry, we're happy to help! At our professional bike workshop, we can fix many of your big and small bike problems easily.  

You'll find good advice, joy in biking and professionalism. Our staff, led by our bike mechanic Flo, regularly partake in further training courses in order to better serve you. Sport Harry's bike workshop is also equipped with the best professional tools.

Sport Harry's workshop offers - overview:

Service  Price 
E-Bike computer analysis   €15.00
Small service   €59.00
E-Bike servicing   €69.00



Other workshop services

What does the computer analysis of the e-bike drive entail?

  • for all e-bikes with Bosch or Bionx motors
  • deleting error messages
  • battery status report
  • number of charge cycles
  • capacity status
  • temperature history
  • printing a diagnosis protocol
  • FREE, if the e-bike was bought from Sport Harry

Please bring the key and the charger for the battery for the analysis. 

What does the small service include?

(inspection or adjustment of the bicycle, excl. cost of materials)
  • Wheels
    • Tyres visual inspection of the contact area and sides
    • Air pressure according to manufacturer instructions
    • Tightening of wheel bolts/quick release levers
  • Drivetrain and gear switch
    • Gear switch adjustment
    • Chain condition and length
    • Oiling the chain
    • Cable end sleeves
    • Bottom bracket inspection
  •   Brakes
    • Brake pads
    • Cables
    • Cable end sleeves
    • Adjusting brakes
  • Steering
    • Tightening headset
    • Tighening torques
    • Straightening handlebars
  • Street-legality
    • Reflectors (front, back, side and pedals)
    • Bell
    • Lighting (front, back, dynamo)
(inspection or adjustment of the bicycle, excl. cost of materials)
  •   mechanical maintainance work same as the small service
    • wheels
    • Drivetrain and gear switch
    • Brakes
    • Steering
    • Street-legality
  • Function testing of the electrical system
    • Computer analysis

Pleaase bring keys and charging cable of battery pack to the shop.

Prices for labour, excl. cost of materials

  • Tyres and/or tube change € 10 - 15,-
  • Chain change € 10,-
  • Centering wheel (lateral wobble) starting at € 15,-
  • Adjusting brakes or changing brake pads € 10,- per brake
  • Venting brakes € 25,- per brake incl. oil
  • Adjusting gear switch starting at € 15,-
  • Assembling new bicycle starting at € 100,- (if not our bike)
  • Labour per minute own bicycles € 70,-/hour
  • Labour per minute not own bicycles € 110,-/hour

OK, enough about Sport Harry's bike workshop. Need your bike repaired quickly and reliably? Want to talk directly with the mechanic? Expect fair advice and good prices?

Then call us or write us an e-mail to set up an appointment!

If you can't bring your bike yourself, we will gladly handle the transport. 
Just call and set up an appointment!   

If you like, we can also deliver the bike when we're done (in this case only cash payments are possible):  

  • within Montafon € 10 in each direction
  • beyond Montafon upon request

If your bike needs to stay in our shop for servicing or repairs, you can rent one of our rental bikes (mountain bike or e-bike) at a greatly discounted daily rate of € 10 or € 20 respectively for the duration of the agreed-upon repair time. So you don't have to give up the comfort of having a bike and you also have the chance to test our rental bikes at a good price.