For the price-conscious. ECONOMY SKIS / BASIC SNOWBOARD – 4* Solid all-mountain skis or snowboards guarantee loads of fun on the slopes.

Sporty savers are well-served with an economy ski or snowboard. You're just beginning or you're picking it up again, and you care about a good price and solid equipment. Due to their construction, models in the economy category are error-tolerant and offer much comfort. Simple handling and easy turning are what you most care about. You feel at home at lower speeds and on groomed pistes. Ideal models if you want to improve but are still at the start of your trajectory.

For the demanding. PREMIUM SKIS / ADVANCED SNOWBOARD – 5* Find your groove with premium skis or snowboards.

Very good materials, impressive design and a large selection of award-winning models. This is the right category for beginners and advanced learners, because premium skis and snowboards offer lighter turn initiation and better turn properties. The high-quality material guarantees more stability at higher speeds and more grip on icy slopes. The solid construction also provides ideal force transmission. This equipment is best on groomed slopes, but occasional trips off the piste are possible. Here you will find special models for piste, freeride, Park&Pipe, and a large selection of special women's models.

For the ambitious. SUPERIOR SKIS – 6* No compromises! These high-tech skis will ensure you get your full money’s worth.

The best is just good enough for you? These high-performance models are of the best quality and include the most innovative technologies. This category is for the ambitious - for athletes and experienced riders. Precision and sporty performance, combined with the greatest possible safety and stability, are what these models offer. They include racecarvers, slalomcarvers, allrounders, all-mountain skis and freeride skis as well as touring and freestyle models. If the best is just good enough for you, then pick one of these models.  

The elite in rental skis. Unique and high-quality technology with unusual designs. Sport Harry's highest category only includes brand-new racing skis, all-mountain skis and freeride skis built using the best materials. Ride the absolute highlights of the current season and experience pure riding joy.

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