HYGIENE Ongoing disinfection of rental equipment, a healthy distance and use of face mask

  • Mouth and nose protection : A simple but very effective way to minimize infections. Mouth and nose protection is mandatory in our shops for our employees as well as for our visitors and guests.
  • Always disinfected: Ski boots and helmets, in particular, are carefully disinfected after each rental. By the way: The rental ski boots in particular have always been disinfected at Sport Harry!
  • Keep distance: We ask our visitors to keep a distance of at least 1m from one another at all times.
  • Contactless payment: Use the opportunity and pay contactless.

LENGTH OF STAY Reduction of length of stay in the rental with the most modern technologies

  • Online reservation: Reserve your equipment online in advance This saves you having to check-in on site and you get your equipment faster.
  • Pay in advance: Take the opportunity and pay for your equipment in advance at the online reservation. A free cancellation is quick and easy in the case of Corona. This eliminates the need to go to the cash desk on site and you are even shorter in the shop and faster on the slopes.

INFORMATION & IT Transparent and always up-to-date information is important - stay up to date with Sport Harry

  • Always up to date: On you will always find the latest information on the corona status on site.
  • Keep everything in view: Keep an eye on your length of stay in our shops yourself. You will soon have the opportunity to register with your smartphone at every shop. If there is a suspected case, we can contact you this way. You can also keep track of how long you've been there.

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